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ACCU builds all kinds of buildings covering all aspects of building construction with practical experience of constructing buildings containing various level of complexities, meant for different purposes and in different locations of Afghanistan. We also have the capacity to install pre-enginered buildings (PEBs)

ACCU specializes in construction of roads and bridges. We are capable of working in different geographical locations with diverse terrain including mountainous areas to plain land.

We have practical experience of working in irrigation and water management sector. We specialize in different types of irrigation network and water management projects.

We offer consultancy services in construction sector, perform independent quality management services and offer support in different aspects of construction management.

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Trusted By More Than 16 Organizations.

A vision driven and committed to professional entity, ACCU strives to live a vision, serve a mission, and achieve objectives that serve its purpose of not only be a source of financial profit but a source of inspiration for its clients, partners, and peers in the private sector.